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Too good to be true, right?

I have learned a lot from LogoGround since we launched in 2011. Probably the most important lesson is that the 15% cut we used to take off logo sales is nowhere near as valuable as the loyalty of good, talented people. Who needs to spend money on marketing when you have a happy community to spread the word?

Besides, site maintenance turns out to be really easy. We built a good machine the first time around. We don't need designers to pay us 15% of their money forever just to maintain something that already runs like clockwork.

How will we be making money then?

  • We make money by selling our own logos. Yes, we use the site ourselves too. Always have. We love selling pre-designed logos and we make most of our money doing exactly that.
  • We've learned that there are unfortunately abandoned logos on the site. Who knows, maybe the designer landed a great job and no longer has the time to attend to LogoGround sales. In those cases someone still needs to customize the logo for the client when it sells. If the designer does not then a LogoGround staff designer steps in. A big portion of that sale then goes to LogoGround.
  • We may at some point include links on the site for people who want to order custom logo design or other graphic design services. Those links would be to affiliate partners who pay us a commission on referred sales.

And, just in case, we updated our user agreement to say that we have the right to charge clients an admin fee should that ever become necessary. Our intention is to only ever make use of this backup if the survival of LogoGround depended on it. Ideally we want all the money that the client pays to go to the designer.

There are two additional changes that you should take note of:

  1. All designers must now be available to work with their clients on logo customization.
  2. We still have staff designers standing by to assist clients in case a designer becomes unresponsive. The difference now is that we will not continue to pay unresponsive designers 40% of the sale. Unhappy clients cost money, not only in terms of refunds but also in terms of damage to LogoGround's reputation. That hurts every person in our community. We have a function that allows you to "pause" your account. This effectively hides your logos from clients temporarily. Please use the pause function whenever you are not available to work with clients on revisions. If you do not pause your account and then also do not respond to clients who buy your logos you will lose most of the money from those sales! Your share drops to only $40 and we will assign a LogoGround staff designer to work with the client on your behalf.

Comments and suggestions always welcome. Here's the suggestion box.

If you are a designer, sign up. I look forward to seeing your work!

Andre le Roux
Founder, LogoGround.com

These changes came into effect at midnight (GMT) on Sunday, August 18, 2013.


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