God First Policy

The LogoGround web site forms part of the Graphics Factory CC network of sites. Graphics Factory CC is a company founded and run on Christian principles - hence the cross.

For LogoGround this has some implications: There may be cases where otherwise acceptable logos are rejected because of their subject. We have absolutely nothing against skulls, nudity, devil caricatures, mythological creatures etc. These are all good fun. We normally have no problem with symbols (even pentagrams) - we believe that symbols have no intrinsic power, that the only power they have is that which the viewer assigns to them. The subject only becomes problematic when the design is clearly evil or satanic in a negative way. Skulls, for example, can be fun yet not for kids. That's fine, but there is a line beyond which it becomes more evil than fun. We will be staying on this side of that line.

Not that evil or satanic themes generally make good logos - so we don't think we're missing out :)

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God First Policy