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Logo Algorithm

The LogoGround logo ranking algorithm is simple compared to algorithms used by search engines, but it is proving very effective for sorting logos. Its job is to find the best logos and to rank them higher up in the search results. The algorithm takes many factors into account and calculates a score for each logo. The score determines how likely a logo is to show in the search results and in the collection of similar logos displayed below each logo. It has a significant impact on the exposure a logo receives on LogoGround.


Preliminary calculation

When a logo is approved on LogoGround the system performs a preliminary calculation. This first phase of the algorithm assigns a preliminary score to the logo based on the limited information available at the point where the logo is approved. The preliminary score is somewhat conservative, usually lower than the logo deserves.


Main calculation

Within a few hours the logo will automatically be re-evaluated and assigned a new score based on all the information available, such as the number of likes a logo has received.


Ranking Factors

Factors that contribute to the score of a logo are:

  Designer's rank

Designer rank is based on a reputation score. See our detailed explanation of designer ranks and badges.

  Designer's badges (specific achievements and milestones)

Different badges have a different effect (or no effect at all) on ranking. See our detailed explanation of designer ranks and badges.

  Number of views

The number of views a logo receives can be an indication of quality, but it can also be deceptive as older logos will tend to have accumulated more views. We are experimenting with the weight assigned to views as a ranking factor. It is usually just above or just below zero. A value below zero would make it a negative ranking factor, giving newer logos a better chance of competing against older, high-ranking logos.

Note however that a designer may earn additional badges for logo views milestones and those badges will have a noticeable, positive effect on the ranking of all the designer's logos.

  Number of likes (favorites)

Each time a user indicates a like by clicking the heart icon below the logo, we store that logo in the user's favorites and we keep track of the total number of likes the logo receives. As a clear and direct indication of quality, likes have a significant impact on the logo score. In addition, designers can earn badges for likes milestones and those badges will have a further positive effect on the ranking of all the designer's logos.

  Staff favorites

If a logo is selected as a staff favorite it receives a slightly higher logo score than it would otherwise. Because staff favorites reflect our own, personal taste we give it very little weight in the algorithm. Having your logo selected as a staff favorite helps, but it makes up only a small fraction of the logo score.

Although the direct impact of staff favorites is small, the indirect impact may be significant: Staff favorites are displayed prominently on the homepage and those logos may receive more views and likes early on as a result, creating a snowball effect towards a higher score.

  Logo details

A good title, accurate set of keywords and a well-written description may all contribute to the logo score.

The quality of the logo is the primary factor. The accompanying text (title, keywords and description) is less important, but can improve the experience for shoppers and for that reason it can have an impact on the logo score.

  Other factors

There are a number of other ranking factors - things that we keep track of and log in a logo's history and in the designer's history on LogoGround. These change from time to time as we experiment with their role in the algorithm.



At this time the relevance of a logo to a specific user search is calculated separately, at the time of the search. The final logo ranking attempts to show all relevant logos ranked by their scores.



LogoGround has an automated system that continually recalculates all the ranking factors and logo scores. Updates are not instant, but you may notice logos moving higher or lower in the rankings every few minutes.


Manual manipulation

We believe that our time is best spent improving the algorithm, rather than manually manipulating logo scores. If you believe that a specific logo is ranking significantly higher or lower than it should, we appreciate your feedback and we will take your comments into account as we refine the algorithm, but we prefer to not manually edit logo scores.

An admin can however impose a penalty on a designer's account if there is evidence of a designer attempting to unfairly manipulate rankings. Do not create multiple user accounts for the purpose of inflating your logo likes and do not offer incentives for logo likes.

It may be worth noting that LogoGround staff and people otherwise affiliated with LogoGround may also use LogoGround to sell their own logos. Those user accounts receive no preferential treatment. All designers earn rankings in the same way. In the case of site admins, the admin badge is used only for identification and has no effect on rankings.


Tips for improving your logo rankings

1. Find a balance between quantity and quality. Designers who do well on LogoGround have several hundred (or even several thousand) logos for sale, but in the long term competing on quantity alone will not lead to success. Make every logo as good as you can possibly make it before uploading.

2. Promote your logos off-site. By attracting visitors to your logos from your own site, from Behance, Pinterest, Twitter etc., you will naturally increase the number of likes your logos receive. (Not to mention increasing your sales!)

3. Liking your own logos is allowed, but it may have a limited or no effect on ranking. Make a point of liking other people's work as well. It's a great way to give positive feedback and it may lead to more portfolio views and more likes for you.

4. Earn more badges.

5. Make sure that you have a good title, accurate keywords and a well-written description for every logo. You can also edit logos you uploaded previously to improve the text. Good accompanying text improves your logo ranking, pulls more traffic from the search engines directly to your logos and improves the experience for shoppers browsing your work.

6. Treat your LogoGround clients well!


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