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Hi! I need your suggestions on this logo. Please let me know how can I make better. Thanks.



Hi nahida,

Two problems that I see:

1. You have more than one approach to perspective, which should probably not be combined unless you have a good reason. In the outer black circle and in the white circle just inside it you made the line thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. That's good, but then with the multi-color circle you stop doing that and made the lines the same all the way around. Either of these approaches could work, but combining them isn't a good idea.

2. Apart from the colors it is a fairly generic roulette wheel. Nothing wrong with that except that it functions more like an illustration than a logo. To take it up to logo level you have to differentiate it from all other roulette wheel images - you have to make it memorable.

I hope that helps :)


Thanks, @ajleroux. I am grateful to hear your viewpoint, and your advice will positively help me to improve my design perspective. Thanks again :)

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