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Hi there,,

I got my logo rejected, either because of the title, tag, or description error,

Is there something wrong with it?

My logo :

Title :Surfing In Summer Logo

Tag :Surfing, summer, beach ,wave

Description :This logo is a unique surfing logo in a hexagon shape. The waves came out of the hexagon represent of the spirit of surfing. The hexagon is also can change into rectangle. But i think hexagon looks better.

Best regards


Hi Subhandesign,

The list of tags is really short. I'm sure you can think of a few more words that potential buyers might enter when looking for a logo like this.

The description unfortunately contains grammatical errors. I realize that English probably isn't your first language. It's not mine either so I get it. It is harder for us. Still, if we want to sell to the English-speaking world we have to be able to make ourselves understood in English. I had to read your description more than once before I understood what you are trying to say.

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@Subhandesign, additionally, minor design changes are included in all logos and this is indicated on every logo page. You must not repeat the standard information in the description. Adding this kind of information in the description can confuse some buyers. Furthermore, there is a fundamental error on the actual graphic; a surfing company will not buy your logo as it doesn't depict the proper position of the surfer in relation to the wave. You should study actual photographs of surfers in action to see their proper position in relation to the wave. Surfers position themselves at the pocket/curl, of if they are really good, then they position themselves right within the tube/barrel near the impact zone (whitewash). Your surfer is behind the peak; he can't ride this wave.

(insert Shaka sign here)

Ortega Graphics


Thanks to @ajleroux and @ortegagraphics for the suggestions


Neither font is good nor text is ballance and well placed. That's me if i created this design...
Hope it's help :)


I'm new and I got the same decline message.
I tried to edit the description and clicked save changes button but the status was still declined, so I basically re-uploaded the design again with much more shorter and on-point description.
Is it the right way? Or maybe I shouldn't re-upload design just to edit the description?


Hi delins,

That's correct, it unfortunately has to be re-uploaded. We hope to have the option to edit and resubmit logos in the future.

And welcome to LogoGround :)

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