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Forum Wish these 2 has no effect on ranking




I really wish that instead of the:
1) similar logo declining
2) 2nd version request declining
that there is something other than declining (lower) that has less or no effect on designers' ranking.

For 1 maybe a chance for the designer to remove it as it's pending.
For 2 maybe decline is made after the improved logo uploaded.



I do not understand anything.


If u uploaded a logo & admins declined it asking for a small improvement yor logo status will appear as "declined" and your ranking will go down. Same if your logo was declined because there's a similar logo somewhere over the web. My suggestion that these 2 cases should not affect your ranking

Ortega Graphics

@Misma, it is the designer's job to search for any similar logos before submitting to LogoGround. If the admin found a similar logo using Yandex Images, TinEye and/or Google Images, this could have been easily avoided by the designer if he/she would have taken the time to search using the same exact tools. It is also the designer's job to make sure to double check his/her logo for small imperfections and to take the time to make it as good as possible (attention to detail). So, in most cases, these two types of rejections can be avoided by the designer. Designers that have zero or little rejections take the time to do these things; it is hard work but it is worth it. The ranking system acts partially as an incentive; it is important for designers to have an incentive to do these things; if having a good quality portfolio is not enough incentive for some designers, then maybe avoiding a low ranking might be a good incentive for them. Therefore, it is my opinion that the designer ranking system should not be modified as described in the opening post.


Ortega Graphics


Thanks @Ortega

I like what you said and agree with it, it has more advantages than what I've suggested.
Thanks for sharing


@misma, I had experience like you before, the logo I uploaded in the 1st time declined for "need a little more improvement", then I edited it and uploaded again for the 2nd time, but still declined for even worse reason "too generic", and several days after that I'm surprised that I just got a new badge. So, I think the case like this will not affect the designer's rank (?)

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