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Guys, i got a rejection logo

This is I named chief the wolf man headdress

I was a little confused by this design when I got decline instructions from the admin for small improvement. maybe I can get a hint from you buds. I use free style when describing it. I deliberately made strokes look multiple to bring out the sides of the stone age or sketch in old manuscripts. did I do the wrong way or should I change the style to draw this or even all of it.


thanks guys. Best regard.


Hi @ava,
I think it's too messy. Hand-drawn designs are good when they weren't actually hand-drawn (unless you have a very steady hand) they are made normally but then you change the brush to one that looks sketchy or uneven.
Hope that helps

Gregory M

Unrefined lineart, at first glance i was not sure what i was looking at. Also if this is supposed to be a thing where you are looking through the eye sockets then the head and eye placement is out of proportion with what i presume is the head of the character. Humans have eyes roughly at a level that is mid way of their heads height.



@mk4gfx, thank you for helping to advise. I am happy to get additional instructions from you. If I can explain what I made, actually I could have made the design like I used to do such as my other designs. With a smooth and neat sketch and brush. But I feel this design is very monotonous. Moreover, this design I started with a fine picture, then I deliberately made it look messy because that was my goal from the beginning. I want to display the impression drawn by people in the stone age with a rough scribble technique. But I did not make it too messy, only a few wavy and redundant lines.

@Gregory M,

I also thank you for participating in clarifying this view. I feel that I have given the wrong meaning of the appearance of this logo to the audience. What I want to show from this logo are two parts. Headdress and human face. From this, I want you all to recognize that the face of the man in this logo does not look forward but bends his eyes down to the ground so that the face of the wolf is more visible facing forward. the male object in this logo does not use the wolf's eye socket to see. This is only a wolf's eye that has been unused (blind) or glowing when at night. What I want to present from this logo is this man behavior or his character reflected by the face of a wolf as a violent nature, a great hunter and a person who can be relied on in a team like a pack of wolves.

To you both, i thank you so much :)


@ava, that sounds really cool in writing but unfortunately it doesn't look that way...
I doubt the client would look at it and instantly get all what you were going for.
I really like your other designs thu, good luck!



Well, maybe I really have to redesign it again :)



Yeap, it's really not quite clear what it is.
Maybe try simplifying and just leave the wolf headdress?
Or draw a more distinctive human face if you still want to include it.


Hi delin,

It can't cuz headdress is main element from this design. But detailed human face is not bad idea and I had thought about it and will try to redesign this someday (not this moment).

Thanks buddy :)

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