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Forum I really don't know who would need a logo like this.....



This is the comment that appeared in my unacceptable logo!

"I really don't know who would need a logo like this"

I don't want to comment on my work!
Ok, it has some flaws!
But I don't understand this comment, in my opinion useless and offensive!

This is my work:


Well, I guess that there are many many logos here that seems very 'unique'. So in this case you need just 1 buyer. Commercially it is more difficult to sell this.


Yea, I find that a little bit offensive too. Maybe he wanted to give a harsh comment but I don't find that very helpful but that's it, you get comments like this sometimes, that is what should make you get better and prove them wrong. Good luck! :D


The comment is a bit harsh, but the combination is really really unique. What exactly would be your target audience for kitchen oven glove + piano. Who could buy this logo and for what purpose. The combination is nice, kitchen oven glove reminds of a piano shape so I see where you got inspiration, but still what kind of business there is with that combination. I am not saying I would not approve the logo, I just don't know what kind of business were you targeting.


Hi @ApplexDesign

actually I'm also wondering how do you will promote this logo at description box if this logo will be approved later. Is it really true that there are targeted clients from this created or just want to fill the contents since the difficulty of the logo approved here?

Anyway the comment itself is really bit ouch...


A restaurant serving family cuisine with musical entertainment.
A school where you teach how to cook to the rhythm of music.
A restaurant where you can eat at a good price by paying with music...

MonGE Designs

In my opinion, the comment section in the review page main purpose: is for suggesting actions to improve the "Logo design" It is not for determining who is gonna use it and guessing if someone will buy it or not.

The Basic Requirements in LogoGround is "unique", "simple" and "tidy" THATS IT, and i quote LG in saying "At LogoGround you don't have to worry about client requirements. One of the great upsides of working on pre-made logos is that you get to draw whatever you feel like drawing. Make something that you like. Something you would want as your own logo. Take an extra hour per logo and really polish it. Show the world what you are capable of when you set out to make a brilliant logo."

please everyone focus on how the design looks, is it balanced, is it looking good, does it look like a stock overused symbol or a professional one, is it also unique?? If anyone doesn't have something constructive to say, why even bother waste your time to write some negative de-constructive statements? just please deny it and move on to next design, the world doesn't need anymore negativity than it already has.

As ApplexDesign said in his examples, there are a lot of businesses that can use it. In my humble opinion, i dont like the design provided very much, because i dont like big black space, but thats it, and i have to admit it is a very good unique idea.


Hi ApplexDesign,

I think it is good for designers to consider the potential uses of a logo, but if we can't see a possible use that would not be a reason to decline the logo. If it was declined, it was declined for something else.

I think the user's comment could have been better phrased, but keep in mind that with community review we have hundreds of people from different parts of the world bringing different views. That is one of the things I love about community review. For the most part the comments are sincere attempts by designers to help fellow designers. There are occasional exceptions. My recommendation would be to simply ignore comments that are not relevant and useful to you.

Another solution would be for us to create an option where designers can turn off comments. You would still see the admin's decline reason, but user comments would be hidden until you change the setting again. The downside is that users who turn comments off would not see positive, constructive feedback either and reviewers who take the time to type constructive feedback would be less inclined to do so knowing that it may never be seen.


@MonGE Designs, @ajleroux I agree completely.

@ApplexDesign, don't let the negative comments affect you. Do not waste time or energy feeling victimized by those things, it is inevitable, there will always be people who criticize anything about you or anything you do, including good deeds and good designs.

I think there are 2 things we can do about it, we can use the negative comments in our favor, to get us to self-evaluate so we can improve, or we can just ignore them. I think it's best to use them to our advantage, but in some cases, it's better to ignore them :)



I think if a glove was changed to a normal hand, it might have more potential. But it needs to be drawn consistently, don't just put piano keys below a hand, use a line-art, stroke width that is somehow feels balanced as a whole.

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