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Edited 2019-08-06 by MikeDesigns permalink ANCHOR

Hello fellow designers,

I've made a small search and couldn't find anything related to this, pardon me if it has been already discussed!

I was wondering if a comment section would ever be made at logo pages, hidden from clients and for designers only. It would be a good space for criticism and actually bring the community together (even though the forum is already a good platform for that).

I admit there may be a gap here because logos aren't suposed to be edited, but designers could be free to either acept or disable comments.

This would have nothing to do with the feeling of getting validated, there are seriously talented people here, but could be a way for designers of any rank to receive criticism.


Feedback (if necessary for approval or improvement of a mediocre design) comes via the review process. What a lot of comparable websites have in common is that such feedback through this function often also consists of courtesies and the distribution of appreciation. For me a private message or a 'like' is also good. I personally find this more appropriate at a site such as dribbble or logopond. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against it, but I don't see it as an added value or as a must have. And we have a forum in which feedback can be requested from the designer himself. I like it the way it is now.


The only thing i don't like about the "like" feature is it takes you to your favourites page, it would be nice to just be able to click like and not be redirected.

A separate liked and favourites would also be nice as i can appreciate a logo without wanting to necessarily keep track of it.


@Brandmaistro I understand what you're saying. I thought of this in a way to engage with other designers a little more, but I understand you may use the forums for such.

@Coooper I think the same way, it is frustating and the like feature should be looked at. I've used the 'contact us' form but with no success I guess.


We have considered adding a comments section below the logos, but it can become a little spammy and distracting. The main focus of the logo detail page is to get a sale. I like your idea of having it visible to designers only, thanks. That might work.

Agreed, the current likes system is clunky and will be improved in the near-ish future.

For future reference, if you have suggestions, the regular contact form isn't a good place to send to. Rather post it here on the forum or use the suggestion box:


Hi @MikeDesigns :)

I think it's an interesting idea, but I don't feel it is appropriate. Discussing the logos is currently done in the forum, also this must be done before uploading it to LG for sale. It is not practical to discuss a logo after it has been approved, to later modify it.

The likes system must be improved, that has already been discussed in the forum and yes, it would be an excellent improvement.

Anyway thanks for sharing the idea :)

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