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Before posting, please see:

--- Our FAQ: www.logoground.com/designerfaq.php
--- Our designer handbook: www.logoground.com/designerhandbook.php

If you decide to post a new topic or to take part in an existing discussion, please follow these guidelines:

1. Be nice. Argumentum ad hominem (personal attacks etc.) are not allowed here. Avoid unnecessarily strong language.

2. Stay on-topic. Rather than hijacking an existing thread, please start a new one.

3. The designer forum is primarily for discussing issues relating to LogoGround or logo design in general. If you would like to discuss something else, please ask yourself if it is relevant or beneficial to other designers. If yes, go ahead.

4. When commenting on another designer's work, the tone of your post is as important as your expert opinion. The best feedback is honest, constructive and friendly. Discussing another designer or commenting on their work is only allowed if the designer invited comments.

5. If you are asking about a declined logo, please do the following:

--- Start by reading this help page: www.logoground.com/get-logos-approved.php
--- If you can't find an answer there, upload a preview of the logo to your own site or to a file host like DropBox.
--- Start a new topic and provide a link to that file so that everyone may see the logo.
--- Keep an open mind. Honest feedback isn't always easy to swallow, but it's the only feedback worth getting.

6. Please avoid asking for updates on pending logos. Our review process is quick and you will normally have an answer in under 24 hours. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but logos cannot be lost in the review process and we will get around to reviewing your logo(s) very soon.

7. If you believe that another member of this site is dishonest or in violation of site rules, contact LogoGround directly. Do not post your comments on the forum. If you believe that LogoGround itself is dishonest or has treated someone unfairly, you may post it on the forum for everyone to discuss, but your comments must include relevant, verifiable research/evidence, or must be posed as a question. Speculative claims are not allowed. If you believe that LogoGround gives preferential treatment to its own account or logos, please start by reading the existing thread and kindly confine your comments to the same thread: http://www.logoground.com/discuss.php?topic=208

8. If you provide links to off-site resources, please ensure that those links do not point to illegal content, for example to a pirated version of a font, book, tutorial etc. If you are unsure, rather post only the name of the resource, without a link.

9. English only please, or provide an English translation below your comments.

10. Please do not substantially edit your post (especially if it is an opening post) so that posts that follow yours no longer make sense.

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