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The Best Cat Logos

One of the wonders of the animal world, cats encompass so many things that we admire, from elegant grace to stunning speed when hunting. Here are our 20 favorite logos related to cats.

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Music Cats Logo
by Febri Yanto (spayro)
Copyright 2017, spayro

cats music, logos combination of cats and tone, simple and attractive, unic modern shape, a logo that is easy to remember.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-01-20

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Dogs And Cats Logo
by Eman ElBaradei (MonGE Designs)
Copyright 2018, MonGE Designs

This logo design shows an abstract charming shapes of a cat and a dog combined by a heart shape. If you have any question about this design, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-07-26

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Geometric Multicolored Cats Logo
by Victor Paez (Sirvector)
Copyright 2021, Sirvector

Ideal for pet stores, pet food brand or any other business where this logo can be used.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2021-12-01

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Helloween Witch With Cats Logo
by Vladislav Novitsky (Mancunian16)
Copyright 2021, Mancunian16

Halloween-themed witch with cats. The character and mascot can be used separately from all the elements. Initially suitable for Halloween-themed merchandise. Also for illustration for any project on the mystical theme.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2021-10-26

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Hug Cats Logo
by Andika Dika (Sinkandika)
Copyright 2019, Sinkandika

simple cats with negative space design, feminine and memorable for a pet lovers brand logo.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-02-02

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Women And Cats Logo
by Singgih Singgih Tanujaya (singgihtanujy)
Copyright 2020, singgihtanujy

This Logo has made with Gestalt Theory, Sometimes you see the cat sleeping, and sometimes you see the women smiling. This logo suitable for pet shop or something about beauty.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-08-11

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Two Cats Logo
by Lucian Radu (Lucian Radu)
Copyright 2022, Lucian Radu

Two cats logo design, perfect for a modern pet related business. Cats are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, per their nine lives. Because they are nocturnal, they are also associated with darkness. Cats are also symbols of mystery and magic, as aforementioned, but also unpredictability and even healing.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2022-01-27

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Letter Z Cats Monogram Typography Logo
by Anh Do (logoadoni)
Copyright 2023, logoadoni

This exclusive negative space Letter Z Cats monogram typography logo design idea is modern, adorable, iconic, and unique. That fits mobile apps, software, information technology companies, startups, etc.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2023-09-18

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Two Cats Mono Line Thread Art Logo
by Atul Pande (logoswim)
Copyright 2021, logoswim

Stylized mono line art with a tangled thread making two cats shapes with big blue eyes. The logo goes well with wool knitting, cat lovers, thread companies etc.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2021-05-22

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Winged Cats Foot Logo
by Iwan Yulianto (iwan yulianto)
Copyright 2022, iwan yulianto

Winged Cats Foot Logo for sale. A cute, unique and professional cats foot with wings. Perfect for pet shop, animal care, animal rescue or similar business.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2022-05-22

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Planet Of The Cats Logo
by Mochamad Arief (mochawalk)
Copyright 2022, mochawalk

Logo is combination of the planet Saturn and fat cat. It would be perfect for cat cafe, pet shop, community of cat lover, vet, blog or web, video channel, and much more.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2022-06-30

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Two Cats Logo
by Maja Vukic (Maya27)
Copyright 2023, Maya27

The logo represents two black cats sitting before the moon, creating a frame with tails.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2023-05-08

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Two Cats in Love Forming A Heart Logo
by Jana Novak (cubiodesign)
Copyright 2022, cubiodesign

For sale is a logo featuring two cats forming a heart with their tails. It is cute, playful and unique, symbolizing love and affection for these feline creatures or other pets/animals. Suitable for pet shops, shelters, sanctuaries, bars, restaurants, events, children's activities etc.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2022-07-15

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Curious Cats Logo
by Indra Arifyandi (Odle)
Copyright 2018, Odle

simple, flat, modern and abstract

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-05-23

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Two Cats Logo
by Subhasis Banerjee Subhasis (Bossall691)
Copyright 2020, Bossall691

Two happy and joyful cats stands for healthy and natural product or care for pets .

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-05-12

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The Cats House Logo
by Francesco Saviano (francescos010)
Copyright 2020, francescos010

This beautiful, modern and clever logo can fit well for a pet store or a cat shelter.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-08-30

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Two Cats Logo
by Yuliya Belonosova (yubelon)
Copyright 2021, yubelon

Two cats have met and are looking at each other with apprehension. They want to get acquainted. The logo is in the modern style. Suitable for a pet supplies company

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2021-12-03

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Two Cats Logo
by Aleksey Lukinskii (AlexFL82)
Copyright 2022, AlexFL82

The logo is suitable for a pet store, cat clubs and other pet-related businesses.The logo can also be used for any other companies.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2022-04-13

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Three Cats Logo
by Atikullah Ibrahim (korzuen)
Copyright 2017, korzuen

A cute logo of three cats. The colors represent different emotion and character of the cats. Suitable for pet shop specialize with cat's product

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-09-01

Sorry, I'm sold!

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Queen Of Cats Logo
by Beni Yana (Ben_75)
Copyright 2023, Ben_75

Here's a simple, modern and unique Queen of Cats Logo, for sale

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2023-02-21

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