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20 Cool House Logos

With real estate and construction being two massive industries that both lend themselves to the small business model, it is no surprise that logos with houses in them sell really well. That also presents a problem: There are so many cool house logos to choose from and unfortunately even more uncool, generic house logo designs. At LogoGround we work hard to collect only cool ones. Here are our 20 favorites.

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House Keys Logo
by Lorena Molinari (logofish)
Copyright 2019, logofish

An elegant, vintage logo depicting two crossing keys forming a house roof. Ideal for real estate agencies or other corporate entities.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-05-03

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Canadian Real Estate Logo
by Emmanuel Rodriguez Vallejo (EmmRodr)
Copyright 2014, EmmRodr

A simple and powerful logo. Inspired in Canada, is smartly mixing a maple leaf with the house roof.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2014-06-15

Sorry, I'm sold!

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Real Estate Clock Logo
by LogoGround Staff Designers (LG Staff)
Copyright 2017, LG Staff

Clever, modern logo combining a clock and a house roof, perfect for a realtor, contractor or for last-minute accommodation.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-08-15

Sorry, I'm sold!

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Cardinal Home Logo
by Cristina Castro Moral (sombrasblancas)
Copyright 2020, sombrasblancas

An illustrative logo featuring a cardinal bird perched on a house roof

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-03-17

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Blue Heron Cottages Logo
by Gregory Grigoriou (Grigoriou)
Copyright 2016, Grigoriou

Lake front homes are represented by a regal heron with house roof lines and windows making up part of its body.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-07-15

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Real Leaf Logo
by Imran Khan (immoodesign)
Copyright 2017, immoodesign

A nice and unique logo featuring a house rooftop with windows placed inside of a leaf as hidden OR negative space. I used some nice and natural color combination of light green and dark green.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-09-03

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House Holding Hand Logo
by Imran Khan (immoodesign)
Copyright 2017, immoodesign

A nice logo featuring a human hand lifting OR holding a house which is placed cleverly as hidden OR negative space. I used a nice color combination of dark brown for hand and red for house rooftop and window.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-09-09

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Shield House Logo
by Ruben Bernaba (Logozaste)
Copyright 2019, Logozaste

You can see a protected house made mixing the original house roof top shape with a shield. Perfect for any kind of security, protection, alarm systems, surveillance.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-03-04

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A Law Logo
by Viktor Mischenko (roktiv)
Copyright 2019, roktiv

A letter looking house roof with fortress in negative space for law/mortgage, construction or wealth management company

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-10-21

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Phoenix Real Estate Logo
by Estiaan Keuler (AgentBob)
Copyright 2019, AgentBob

Smooth phoenix design shaping a house roof inside with the outline.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-08-20

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Roof House Target Logo
by Rengga ryandah Zudha prawira (rasagama)
Copyright 2020, rasagama

The logo of a house roof represents a business in the real estate or property sector or the like combined with a target circle which also represents a sun. This logo also intends to show a target that must be achieved where the roof part represents a cursor pointing to the center of the target circle

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-08-10

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Real Estate Logo
by Agnes Vortic (Agnes design)
Copyright 2017, Agnes design

Simple and clean logo - one clever line makes 3 house roof .

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-06-07

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Mountain House Logo
by Mirnes Basic (Wizart)
Copyright 2017, Wizart

Shape of House roof with funnel and in midle is mountain top. Symbolizing powerful construction.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-08-03

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Roof Proof Logo
by Atul Pande (logoswim)
Copyright 2017, logoswim

Logo with a house roof with striking arrow, as a symbolic representation of the attack, on roofs, may it be rain, thunder, wind etc. Basic idea is protection from any kind of outer attack.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-09-19

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Minimalist Gift House Logo
by Leonardo Fruh (Primo)
Copyright 2017, Primo

A gift ribbon merging with a house roof. It has a minimalist design and perfect proportions as to stay in the unconscious mind of your current and future customers. This logo can be used for toy/gift shops or in the real estate industry.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-12-08

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Simple Housing Company Logo
by Budi Kapiarso (76b)
Copyright 2018, 76b

The design is a simple logo, representing house roof for construction, residential building companies

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-03-15

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Home Cleaning Logo
by AD Roiyan AD (Rooy AD)
Copyright 2019, Rooy AD

a combination of house roofs and water that mean the cleanliness of the house

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-01-28

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Letter A American House
by Imran Khan (immoodesign)
Copyright 2018, immoodesign

A nice and unique logo featuring a house rooftop formed by initial letter A with American colored flag theme where the smoke coming out of the chimney. I used a nice color combination of American blue, red and grey. This logo would be good for real estate.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-11-20

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House Arrow Logo
by Zhalgas Kassymkulov (kassymkulov)
Copyright 2020, kassymkulov

Conceptual logo with a house rooftop appearing as an arrow tip or send icon. Suitable for real estate, architecture, construction industries.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2020-09-03

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