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Top 20 Stunning Mermaid Logos

As mythical creatures go, mermaids are right up there, capturing our imaginations across generations. No wonder they feature in famous logos. This is our list of the top 20 mermaid logos.

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Mermaid Logo
by Andre Le Roux (ajleroux)
Copyright 2014, ajleroux

A beautiful mermaid logo rendered in a single color. Great for any use related to mythology, beauty, health, travel or the ocean in general.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2014-02-17

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Mermaid Logo
by Elena Zhivova (Macry)
Copyright 2018, Macry

Beautiful and elegant circular logo representing a mermaid's face with algae hair.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-10-22

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Mermaid Logo
by Heru Budi santoso (herulogo)
Copyright 2019, herulogo

Mermaid logo for sale that is elegantly designed to make your brand stand out from the crowd. This mermaid logo for sale is stylish, trendy, calm and very modern in design. The logo is designed with a mermaid head and tail surrounding by beautiful round design. Mermaids are curious and beautiful which this logo is all about.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-08-22

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Beauty Spa Logo
by Julian Blanko (stilographic)
Copyright 2016, stilographic

Perfect logo for companies related to beauty, massagists, spas, nails, etc.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-01-20

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Sweet Mermaid Logo
by Lorena Molinari (logofish)
Copyright 2018, logofish

Unique elegant logo representing a beautiful mermaid with a curly tail. For beauty, accessories, fashion or marine sports.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-02-27

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Mermaid Bubble Bath Logo
by Faith Griffin (CaliGirl)
Copyright 2018, CaliGirl

Lovely mermaid taking a luxurious soak in the tub. Great for a skin care line, cosmetics line, bath products and much more.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-04-12

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Mermaid Holding A Key Logo
by Nauval Zawawi (ava_nauval)
Copyright 2019, ava_nauval

A flat modern and elegant logo from mermaid. Holding a key depict a great service from any kind of business/company that has connection with ocean or water. Great for hotel, resort, restaurant, entertainment things, beauty, spa, fashion and so many other branch of business.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-07-06

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Mermaid Logo
by Rifki Faisal (JUE)
Copyright 2017, JUE

Modern simple and iconic design concept of Mermaid Logo.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-07-05

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Fishing Mermaid Logo
by Fajar Radiktya (hellocrunk)
Copyright 2018, hellocrunk

beauty design of mermaid at fishing hook, suitable for fishing club ,or any company like fishing

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2018-09-08

Sorry, I'm sold!

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Mermaid Logo
by Maria Alexandrova (Marylex)
Copyright 2019, Marylex

your business will be a good singing

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-04-04

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The Mermaid Logo
by Ben Bernard (dipomaster)
Copyright 2019, dipomaster

Elegant beautiful myth creature mermaid with reaching out pose.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-01-19

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Mermaid Compass Logo
by Veselin Pajkovic (Arda)
Copyright 2019, Arda

Modern interpretation of the old map symbols. Stylized mermaid with trident and horn combined with a compass rose. The logo displays luxury, tradition, heritage.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-07-09

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Baby Mermaid On Stroller Logo
by Furqon Ardiansyah (Furqontino)
Copyright 2019, Furqontino

a happy baby mermaid on a stroller, really communicate about happiness, this logo would be very great for a stroller company, baby shop, baby product, kid's toys etc

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-02-14

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Mermaid Brand Logo
by Viktor Mischenko (roktiv)
Copyright 2017, roktiv

mermaid with trident inside of shield is perfect for seafood restarant, club, bub, hotel business or food/beveregies brand. color, name and font can be easy

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-05-10

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Mermaid Song Logo
by Agri Yanto Curvedelic (yantoagri)
Copyright 2019, yantoagri

Great logo for company in audio field, that have sense of beautiful and feminine.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-02-20

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Mermaid Logo
by Singa Raja (singaraja)
Copyright 2017, singaraja

mermaid logo, which is gracefully fit for any business, or that is related to beauty or high expectations.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-11-25

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Mermaid Valley Logo
by Virgiyana Mitra (giyancreator)
Copyright 2019, giyancreator

a mascot logo of a mermaid with a cannabis

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2019-04-19

Sorry, I'm sold!

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Mermaid Sketch Logo
by Michael Brandt (MichaelJB)
Copyright 2016, MichaelJB

With this design I sketched a mermaid sitting on a stone. This type of design would be perfect for a business seeking a high end, luxury design.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2016-04-20

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Mermaid With Anchor Logo
by Ombretta Laureti (madein)
Copyright 2015, madein

Luxury and elagant logo represented a silhouette of a mermaid that holding an anchor symbol. Suitable for travel agency, tour operator, cruise and and everything related to the sea

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2015-12-10

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Mermaid Logo
by Nanang Setyo Heriono (SKYWALKER)
Copyright 2017, SKYWALKER

beautiful mermaid with the bubbles of the sea.

Uploaded to LogoGround on 2017-07-16

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